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Vocal Coaching

Lesson Structure

Warmups: We check in on your range and make sure technique is correct for your body.

Exercises: We go over some things to practice in your own time that will help you get better.

Song Work: What’s the point of all of thee above if we don’t spend time applying it to actual songs? It’s SO easy to “ooo” correctly but we need to apply what we work on to actual tunes.


Specific Lesson Goals

If you have an audition you want to prep for, want performance coaching, movement coaching, or other skills like “How do I tell my sound guy it sounds like I’m singing through a pillow?” we can utilize lesson time to get this accomplished.



 If you are a vocalist that typically plays with a guitar, please bring your instrument. The brain is doing so much when accompanying your self and we want to train it to add what we work. Practicing what we work on in our lessons with your instrument is really helpful.


My Method

I don’t have one. Hah! I have spent over 30+ years training with vocal technicians all over the world and have found I am great at pulling from all I know and creating a custom experience for each student. I respect those that stick to a certain “method” or style of singing or teaching, but if I am only a BMW mechanic I can’t work on a ford! I want to customize our lesson based around your anatomy and where you currently are.


In Person Lessons

I utilize playback tracks for all my lessons so my attention can be 100% on you! I want to be able to watch your breathing, tension levels, jaw movement etc without having to play piano at the same time. You will also get a copy of all exercises we work on so you can keep growing in your own time.



If you are taking a lesson via skype DON’T STRESS! This is a great format for lessons. What you will need is simple. I suggest a pair of headphones, good wifi connection and a separate device like a phone or tablet to play MP3’s off of that I will send to you. I will take notes during our lesson and send them off to you via email.



I do offer a video recording of your lesson so you can review everything if you would like. This is for in person lessons only. There is a fee of $25 as we shoot on my Cannon and then edit in Premiere with your lesson date and video.

Final warning!

I am a goofy down to earth gal, so please be prepared to laugh at my jokes.

(even the bad ones.)


Coming Soon!

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